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2012 The End of Your World As You Know It

2012 The End of Your World As You Know It

No, we don't believe the end of the world is dictated by the Mayan calendar, but we do believe that in 2012 God wants to bring an end to your world of hopeless addictions, family dysfunction, loneliness, broken dreams and feeling like your life has no meaning. Join us Sundays in January for this life-changing sermon series by Pastor Gary Wilkerson and famed evangelist and former gang leader Nicky Cruz.

The End of Your…

01 Meaningless Life

08 Hopeless Addictions

15 Broken Dreams

22 Loneliness

29 * Family Dysfunction

* Special guest speaker Nicky Cruz

Help Us Spread the Word

We know that God wants to bring many in our city into a new world of freedom, deliverance, love and purpose. Here are a few ways you can help spead the word.

Promo Cards
We'll be giving everyone two promo cards with their bulletin, The Weekly. We ask you to please pray and consider who you think should receive those cards. Maybe you already have someone in mind, or maybe God will bring someone across your path in the coming weeks. If you are more ambitious or have a heart for evangelism and outreach we will have more cards available.

We will have posters available in two sizes: 11x17 and 8-1/2 x 14. If you know of places to put them, please take as many as you need. They're really cool posters, but we have to ask that you don't just take them home and hang them up in your bedroom. They will be more effective hanging on community bulletin boards and at coffee shops, liquor stores, offices, etc.

Door Hangers
Our friends the Warriors 4 Christ are going to help us distribute over 1800 door hangers, but we'll still have 900 more available if you want to canvas your neighborhood and let people know about the sermon series.

Social Media + Advertising
Social media is huge! So many people are on Facebook and Twitter these days. Whatever social network you use, you can send them to this page.

Facebook - Be sure to tag The Springs Church, Gary Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz.

Twitter - You can tag @tsc_colorado, @garywilkerson and @nickycruzorg. Be sure to use the hash tag #2012EndOfWorld as well.

We're blanketing the city with advertising for this sermon series — billboards, bus stops, movie theatres, etc. If you come across any of these advertising and promotional materials, snap a shot and post it for us.