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It is our mission to bring people to Jesus and help them grow.

About Us Core Values

C²G - Connect to God

One of the best ways to connect to God is participating in a vibrant worship service. We believe that Sunday worship services should be the most moving, life-transforming hour and a half of every week. When the church combines powerful, heart-stirring worship, with clear, uncompromising truth from the Word of God, it can’t help but rouse our spirits and renovate our lives.

C²O - Connect to Others

To love and be loved, to be supported, revitalized and challenged, to get acquainted or build lifelong friendships — there’s nothing better than connecting with others. Some call them small groups, home groups or cell groups. We like to call them connect groups. It’s natural and not churchy. Whatever you call them, the important thing is that you get connected. You’ll never be the same.

C²M - Connect to Ministry

The Church functions when people serve. We are called to have a servant’s heart and engage in purposeful ministries. At The Springs Church there are multitudes of opportunities for you to get connected to ministry. Within the church, we have teams that serve children, youth, and young adults. We have music ministry, ushers, greeters and media teams. Outside the four walls of the church, we have outreach teams that serve the poor, visit the sick and the elderly and much more. Getting connected to ministry may be one of the best experiences you’ll ever have.

C²W - Connect to the World

We take the Great Commission seriously. Jesus called us to make disciples and that is our heart, passion and commitment. We believe that building relationships with those who don’t know Jesus is vital to fulfilling His Commission. Our city may seem like it’s full of churches and that almost everyone is already a Christian, but the truth is our city is highly unchurched. In other words, the need is clear and there is no better time than now to connect to the world in a way that draws people to Jesus. God is on the move in our city and in our church.