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The Springs Church 2011 Budget Graph

As you may know it is the goal of The Springs Church to give away 50% of the funds we receive through tithes and offerings to missionaries and mission groups in this city, country and abroad — all in the name of spreading the Gospel (Matthew 28:19-20).

I am delighted to tell you that the Lord has helped us increase this number from $221,422 in 2010 to $496,713 in 2011, even with the rise in operational expenses due to the higher costs of the new church building. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have helped participate in this vision of The Springs Church.

Nima Reza
Executive Pastor
The Springs Church

Total 2011 Expenses $2,065,418
Payroll $649,439
Wages $430,652
Housing $161,780
Benefits $40,025
FICA $16,982
Operations $919,266
Building Expenses $210,529
Administration $88,300
Programs $102,432
Contract Labor $48,949
Creative + Media $93,994
Professional Fees $28,484
Utilities $119,922
Misc. Expenses $15,640
Insurance $19,086
Bank Charges + Fees $7,730
Payroll Expenses $4,200
Interest $180,000
Missions + Outreach $496,713
International Outreach $268,656
Local Outreach $214,857
National Outreach $13,200