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Back to Basics
June 28, 2015

In these times, when the Church may be at a crossroads, it is vital that we be strengthened in "the basics", such as the Word, worship, and prayer.  God's Word is rich with promises, and is our weapon to fight against the temptations and lies of the enemy.  Worship is more than the songs we sing -- it's giving ourselves completely to God, and responding to Him, which awakens us to our need for Him.  Prayer is the privilege of talking to God, and listening to Him.  As we commune with God through these "basics", by His Spirit, He infuses a hope into us, which, even in perilous times, will enable us to testify that "it is well with my soul"!

A Proper Resting Place
June 21, 2015

Pastor Nima Reza opens the book of Ezra to show how it is a prophetic picture of the modern-day church.  when we place our trust in Christ, His life comes to dwell in us.  God asks that we continue to freely give ourselves to Him, and, by His indwelling Spirit, separate from sinful patterns so that the life within is not stifled.  Though persecution comes, it won't prevail against God's continued work to build His body of believers into a proper resting place of God.

The Blessing is in the Barn
June 14, 2015
Duration: 35 mins
Taking a Spear to the Curse and Compromise
June 07, 2015
Duration:59 hrs 56 mins
Jesus Serves - Part 2
May 31, 2015

At the time of Jesus' incarnation, He did not come to "be served, but to serve, and give his life as a ransom for many" (Matthew 20:28). Jesus' exemplary life of humility and sacrifice is one that we should follow. When the gospel, the finished work of Christ, becomes a reality to us, it will impact our service, need and love for the body of Christ.

Duration: 35 mins
Jesus Serves
May 24, 2015
Duration: 52 mins
Jesus Is Leading
May 17, 2015

Pastor Nima Reza concludes our "Jesus Is" series discussing the leading of Jesus. The question is, are we following? We must know how, who and where to follow. Are you following yourself or Jesus? Where God leads is often difficult and messy. Jesus is continually leading to die to our self so that our life can bear fruit and bring him glory.

*This sermon is from our 9am church service. You can also watch both services online including worship.



Series:Jesus Is
Duration: 32 mins
Am I Faithful
May 15, 2015

We often measure our faithfulness to God by our performance—reading, praying, avoiding sin, etc. When we fail or fall we start to question our faithfulness to God and unbelief starts to set in. God's measure of our faithfulness is not based on how good we have been, but on whether or not we believe his word.

Duration: 53 mins
Jesus Is Awakening
May 10, 2015

Pastor Gary Wilkerson continues our "Jesus Is" sermon series talking about awakening. When something is dead or sleeping in our life, we usually want the awakening to come quickly, but God sometimes delays. We are often concerned with our own comfort, but it is through the difficult times that God forms his character in us. Wait on him. Trust that he is delaying for a purpose and for his glory.

*This sermon is from our 9am church service. You can also watch either service including worship.

Passage:John 11
Series:Jesus Is
Duration: 48 mins
Jesus Is Guiding
May 03, 2015

Pastor Gary Wilkerson continues our "Jesus Is" sermon series discussing the guidance that Jesus offers to believers. He is our Good Shepherd who guides us into abundant life, but there are antagonists who try to get us off track. Through prayer and reading the Bible we come to know his voice, and will not easily be dissuaded by counterfeits.

*This sermon is from our 9am church service. You can also watch either service including worship.

Passage:John 10
Series:Jesus Is
Duration: 44 mins
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