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At The Springs Church it is our mission to enjoy, share and demonstrate the gospel of Christ's radical grace.

Sermons Sermon Series
One of the Greatest Sermons Ever Preached

These messages could be the most important sermons you ever hear. Pastor Neil Rhodes explores the seven statements, or last words, of Jesus while he hung on the cross. They are so significant that Pastor Neil considers them "one of the greatest sermons ever preached." Through this sermon series you will find yourself standing at the door of revelation. The truths you will hear will change your life forever.

Marriage and Singles Seminar 2014

Guest speaker Ted Cunningham joins us once again for our annual Marriage and Singles Seminar.

EXPECT 2013 Church Leadership Conference

All over the world, pastors and church leaders labor day in and day out to bring His love to those in need. As a minister, you have no doubt experienced the joy of His hand guiding you. But like many, you may also have experienced the difficulty, the loneliness, the dryness, even the despair which can occasionally come to all of us who serve. The ministry you are about to be introduced to was established just for you, to strengthen you, to bring a fresh anointing of God's love and divine healing into your ministry, into your family, into your church.

A Jesus Community

Pastor Gary Wilkerson takes an in-depth look at Christ-centered community with messages on a worship, unity and missions. We believe this is an important time for us to see what God has called us to and how clearly we can move together in His purposes.

Galatians – Christ Has Set Us Free

Through this verse-by-verse study through the book of Galatians we will find a greater freedom, joy and hope in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

The Heart of a Servant

Guest speaker and one of the overseers of The Springs Church, Pastor Claude Houde joins us for a leadership training. He shares about the importance of faith and grace in serving. Then continues talking about using the gifts and talents that God has given us to serve others and the needs within the church.

The Empowered People of God

Guest speaker, Pastor Tim Dilena kicks off our series The Empowered People of God during our Life Workshops. Then Pastor Gary Wilkerson continues the series talking about Empowered Ministry, Empowered Women, Empowered Futures and Empowered Work.

Your Beautiful Story

Our story is not always as beautiful as we would like. It is often defined by painful plots, families that fell apart, dreams unrealized, careers that disappoint, kids in crisis, financial nightmares—not what we had in mind. Yet, your story can change. The creative words of the Master Storyteller can rewrite your life. God is able to bring a new chapter and begin to write your beautiful story. This is no fairy tale. This is reality. In this series, Pastor Gary Wilkerson shares about God's restorative power.

I Pray…

A Wednesday evening sermon series about the purpose and heart behind prayer. If you have questions about prayer and why it's important in your relationship with Christ, you won't want to miss this series!

Making the Most of Your Life

Pastor Gary Wilkerson takes a look at our time, talent and treasure. As we learn about using these areas for God's glory, the outcome will be a life more pleasing to God and a life more joyfully lived.

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