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Gary Wilkerson
Gary Wilkerson
Lead Pastor

Gary Wilkerson comes from a long line of devoted ministers of the Gospel. A great great grandfather who served in the Civil War, a great grandfather who was a tent revival preacher, a grandfather who was a denominational leader and a father who is an internationally recognized author, evangelist and pastor.

Gary carries on this calling not out of obligation or sense of family heritage, but a clear calling from God he received when he was only 6 years old. He began preaching at 16, youth pastor at 19, planting a church at 23. Since that time he has helped plant churches, served on staff at Times Square Church, started an orphanage, an inner city school, and a coffee house for young people in San Francisco.

In 2002 Gary began to travel with his father, David Wilkerson, conducting ministers' conferences around the world. He continues to speak at conferences both internationally and in North America, encouraging a single-hearted return to Jesus. His first book, The Divine Intercessor, was released in 2002.

The primary calling on Gary's life is to speak, teach and write about awakening and renewing a passionate hunger for Jesus. His desire is that many come to know the height, depth and vastness of the love of Jesus.

Latest sermons by Gary Wilkerson
The Blessing is in the Barn
June 14, 2015
Series: Ministry: Scripture: Haggai 1:1Duration: 35 mins
Taking a Spear to the Curse and Compromise
June 07, 2015
Series: Ministry: Scripture: Duration: 59 hrs 56 mins
Jesus Serves
May 24, 2015
Series: Ministry: Scripture: Duration: 52 mins
Jesus Is Awakening
May 10, 2015
Series: Jesus IsMinistry: Scripture: John 11Duration: 48 mins
Jesus Is Guiding
May 03, 2015
Series: Jesus IsMinistry: Scripture: John 10Duration: 44 mins