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Big Doors Swing on Little Hinges – Part 2
May 04, 2013

Guest speaker Pastor Tim Dilena from Brooklyn Tabernacle continues our Life Workshop "The Empowered People of God" looking at the life of Abram. In his life, we see that it is faithfulness in the small things that often leads to the release of God's full calling on your life.

Duration: 36 mins
How Does a Bartender Become a Hero?
May 03, 2013

Guest speaker Pastor Tim Dilena from Brooklyn Tabernacle looks at the life of Nehemiah and shows us how a bartender became a hero. We all have gifts from God, and as good stewards of those gifts we must employ them in a way that glorifies God. Many of us sell ourselves short and settle for less than what God has planned for us. What are the gifts that God has given you? Are you using them how He intended?

Duration:1 hr 35 mins
Your Hidden Story
April 28, 2013

In our modern social media culture, a lot of us put so much of our lives out there for the whole world to see, but there are some things that need to remain hidden—dealt with in the secret closet of prayer, handled amongst the counsel of close family and friends, etc. Don't forsake your hidden story.

*Both services, including worship, are available on our Livestream channel

Passage:Ruth 3:8-11
Duration:1 hr 10 mins
This Kind of Love
April 21, 2013

Christians today have a bad reputation. When you start a Google search using the phrase "why are christians so…" it will return suggestions like fake, judgmental and weird. If we are truly honest with ourselves, we have to admit that we can be quarrelsome and difficult people. Scripture says that all will know that we are Jesus' disciples by our love for one another. Church, it's time to repent and take up His love.

*Both services, including worship, are available on our Livestream channel

Duration:1 hr 26 mins
I Pray For Sound Doctrine
April 17, 2013

We must pray that sound doctrine is both preached by pastors and received by the people.

Series:I Pray…
Duration: 22 mins
For THIS Purpose
April 14, 2013

As we celebrate our four year anniversary as a church, Pastor Gary Wilkerson takes some time to look at the purpose and mission of the church. We see in Colossians 1 that our "this" is to see the lost reconciled back to God and become radical followers of Jesus Christ. Sometimes a church gets focused on one end of the spectrum—either the lost and new believers on one end or the growing and mature on the other end. If we aren't reaching the lost and helping them become mature followers of Christ, then we are falling short in our calling.

*Both services, including worship, are available on our Livestream channel

Duration:1 hr 40 mins
When Obedience Seems Strange
April 10, 2013

Sometimes God leads us to do things that don't make sense to us. Baptism may seem strange, but it's commanded by God. It's symbolic of our death to the old life, and of us being raised up into new life. When we walk in obedience, even if we don't understand the full significance, we honor God, and receive His blessing.

Passage:Acts 8
Duration: 28 mins
I Pray Because…
April 10, 2013

I pray because I am encouraged to by the infallible Word of God. I pray because God listens. I pray because God responds.

Series:I Pray…
Duration: 27 mins
April 07, 2013

We all probably have something in our life that we would like to change. The problem is, we are bad at changing. We make promises to ourselves and God, only to fail time and time again. Pastor Gary Wilkerson looks at how we can be better at changing, and how we can find real, lasting change.

*Both services, including worship, are available on our Livestream channel

Duration:1 hr 27 mins
I Pray When…
April 03, 2013

I pray when I need to change my perspective. Sometimes, often, we are too close to our problems or our trials to see an answer. We become paralyzed with fear, hopelessness and despair. Prayer helps us to align with God, His desires and plans, His Kingdom and Will. I pray to come along side God. To be in a position for Him to come along side of us. Constant. Daily. Moment by moment. I pray to change my perspective, my viewpoint, my human understanding.

Series:I Pray…
Duration: 18 mins