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At The Springs Church it is our mission to enjoy, share and demonstrate the gospel of Christ's radical grace.


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From Anger to Intimacy
February 02, 2013

In the second session of our Marriage + Singles Seminar, guest speaker Ted Cunningham looks at eight symptoms of a stuck marriage—blaming your spouse as the source of the problem, questioning your compatibility, repeating mistakes and developing patterns, rushing decisions, closing your heart, isolating yourself from others, doubting your future as a couple, and exploring other options.

*A streaming version of this service, including worship, is available on our Livestream channel

Duration:1 hr 8 mins
Enjoying Life and Marriage
February 01, 2013

Guest speaker Ted Cunningham shares at our Marriage and Singles Seminar—encouraging us to honor, enjoy and prioritize marriage. Many in the church have been raised honoring purity, but aren't prepared for marriage. Young people today put off marriage because they feel it will mess up their plans and dreams. Life can be hard, but God created marriage to be enjoyed. Do not make your kids more important than your marriage. Showing them what a godly marriage looks like is the best gift you can give them.

*A streaming version of this service, including worship, is available on our Livestream channel

Duration: 50 mins
The Place of Unity in the Power of Intercession
January 30, 2013

If the church is going to walk in prevailing prayer, they must also walk in unity. Unity doesn't come by avoiding conflict, but by confronting it. Unaddressed conflict will often get worse and leaves scars. The church needs men and women who are filled with the Holy Spirit, filled with wisdom and full of faith. Let's protect and pursue unity; because where there is unity, God commands a blessing.

Duration:1 hr 20 mins
Finding Your Life's Mission
January 27, 2013

There are some who would say that Christianity is on the decline and has lost its significance. We don't see the daily power and presence of the Holy Spirit that the early church experienced. We've become focused on our own needs and self-pursuits. It's time to get our gaze back on Jesus. He is our mission. As we worship Him, pray, read His word and fellowship with Him, our hearts will be called to action—to the lost, broken and hurting.

*Streaming versions of this service, including worship, are available on our Livestream channel

Passage:John 4:1-35
Duration: 49 mins
The Disciples' Prayer
January 23, 2013

Pastor Patrick Dow continues our series "The Power of Intercession" looking at the Lord's prayer. There are some passages of Scripture, like this one, that are so familiar to us that they can lose their magic. They become rote and ritualistic. Pastor Patrick breaks this familiar prayer into two parts—the first reminding us of who God is and the second reminding us of our need of Him in our lives.

Passage:Matthew 6:9
Duration:1 hr 31 mins
The Lame Take the Prey – Part 3
January 23, 2013

Becoming a follower of Jesus means dying to our own ability. We trust Him to be the Master Builder, who builds his life and Kingdom in us to the point of completion. He is the One who battles against the enemy in our lives and subdues sin. Having counted the cost, He didn't start the battle just to lose—He's the Victor! Without Jesus, we are as useless as salt without flavor. When we have faith in Him alone, we are traveling lightly, and can fit on that narrow road to life!

Duration: 40 mins
From Sorrow to Success
January 20, 2013

Pastor Gary Wilkerson continues our "Faith for the Greatest Days of Your Life" series looking at the life of Esther. In her story we see a journey from sorrow to success. True godly success can only come through God Himself. He brings about a turn around in identity, family and purity.

*Streaming versions of this service, including worship, are available on our Livestream channel

Grace Driven Intercession
January 16, 2013

Modern church culture can sometimes treat intercession as a special calling or some kind of elite form for prayer, but in the New Testament we see no evidence that it is a special gifting. Jesus was the once and for all intercessor. He stepped into the gap between us and God and did what we cannot do. It is only through Him that we now have authority and direct access to God.

Duration:1 hr 42 mins
Out of the Pit
January 13, 2013

In the second part of our series Faith for the Greatest Days of Your Life, Pastor Gary Wilkerson looks at the life of Joseph. Most of us have been in a pit of some kind in our life; and if not we're probably heading toward one. Pastor Gary shows us four types of pits—one of which, we may not want to avoid.

*Streaming versions of this service, including worship, are available on our Livestream channel

Duration:1 hr 1 min
The Lame Take the Prey – Part 2
January 09, 2013

In the Parable of the Talents, we see a shifted value system. Those who have great awareness of their own weakness, lack, and need are given greater revelation of the Treasure that lives within them—Jesus; whereas those who focus and rely on their own ability lack the revelation of Christ and His power. Our impact for the Kingdom of God is directly related to how well we know Jesus and rely on Him!

Duration:1 hr 2 mins