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At The Springs Church it is our mission to enjoy, share and demonstrate the gospel of Christ's radical grace.


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Healthy Heart, Healthy Home – Part 2
October 13, 2012

Guest speaker Tim Dilena, from Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York City, shares with us in our first Healthy Heart, Healthy Home Life Workshop. Pastor Tim shares how the decisions we make today can affect generations to come.

Duration: 44 mins
Healthy Heart, Healthy Home – Part 1
October 12, 2012

Guest speaker Tim Dilena, from Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York City, shares with us in our first Healthy Heart, Healthy Home Life Workshop.

*Due to some technical difficulties, the last portion of this sermon is not available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Duration: 57 mins
Isaac the Plumber
October 10, 2012

In a place of dryness or boredom, or when "drama" breaks out around us, rather than turning back to old patterns and old friends, we're called to "stay in the land." As we stay in the word of God, and continue to engage in the place of fellowship, we can be sure that our eyes will be opened to all that lives in us through Christ. Like Isaac, we can plumb the depths of the faith, unstopping the same Living Water that we may have heard of from generations past—experiencing it as a reality in our own lives!

Duration: 45 mins
Show Us Your Glory
October 07, 2012

In the third chapter of Acts we see what happens when God's glory is manifest. God's people will cling to Him and the work that He is doing. We will be "utterly astounded"—His presence is indescribable. There will be an anticipation and expectation for the things of God. There will be unity, not division and competition. God's glory is not reserved for pastors or super Christians. It's not a fading glory, like the Old Testament, but an increasing everlasting glory available to all of us.

Duration: 48 mins
An Incredible Neglected Treasure
September 30, 2012

We live in a time when many people are sinking in despair—marriages falling apart, financial hardships, addiction, etc. They feel alone in their struggle, and even those closest to them seem of no help. It's time for God's people to get their eyes off themselves, follow God's calling and help those that are crying out for help.

Duration:1 hr 3 mins
Protecting Expect
September 27, 2012

When we experience a spiritual high and have to come down off the mountain top, we can end up in a valley. In order to protect that, we have to be drawing away into the secret place of prayer and reading God's word. The enemy is like a fowler that sets traps to ensnare us. These can be outright satanic attacks, sudden events, silent attacks in our minds or subtle attacks that become bigger. The only way to be safe from the snares of the enemy is to take refuge in the Lord. When we continually take refuge, we become a refuge for others, showing them God's mercy.

Duration:1 hr 23 mins
The Power of the Gospel
September 27, 2012

Pastor Jim Cymbala challenges pastors to simplify their message. The good news of salvation through Jesus Christ is all we need. We don't need to add stuff to it. We don't need to get diverted into extra-biblical topics or legalism. If it isn't in the New Testament, don't preach it. Don't mix the old covenant in with the new and better covenant. Sometimes the hardest part of rightly dividing the word of God is the Old and New Testament.

Duration:1 hr 0 mins
Why I'm Going to Keep On Praying
September 27, 2012

Pastor Carter Conlon shares his personal journey and initial struggles with prayer. He has seen prayer work in his own life and ministry, and encourages church leaders to keep praying. Three unskilled people in a room praying, "Jesus help us!" broke a 100-year stronghold and birthed a church that is still going today. Prayer works and is going to be necessary in the coming days. There is a Goliath spirit that is warring against God and taunting His people. Will God find a people, like David, that will fight and trust God for the deliverance?

Duration:1 hr 21 mins
The Ministry of the Spirit
September 26, 2012

Jim Cymbala warns of the decline in the American church. If the Spirit was truly at work we would see fruitfulness and multiplication, but instead we see congregations dwindling and churches closing. Pastor Cymbala encourages pastors and church leaders to be fully dependent on God. The Holy Spirit comes to glorify Christ and build up His people, not to make you and your church famous. Ask God to make you feel like He feels and see like He sees.

Duration:1 hr 18 mins
Ask the Hard Thing
September 26, 2012

Teresa Conlon takes us on her journey of asking God the hard thing. She wanted Summit International School of Ministry to be a place of transformation, but she had to go through a difficult season of her own to see that happen. She had to learn to see the supernatural through supernatural eyes.

Duration:1 hr 39 mins