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At The Springs Church it is our mission to enjoy, share and demonstrate the gospel of Christ's radical grace.


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A New Covenant Christmas
December 09, 2012

In our struggle to maintain and restore Christmas, we often get caught up in the politics and forget the true meaning of Christmas—Jesus. A new covenant Christmas is about celebrating the glorious liberty that we have in Christ. Through Him we have eternal life and our accusers are silenced.

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Duration: 58 mins
God Remembers His Oath
December 05, 2012

Advent is a season observed as a time of expectant waiting and celebration for the birth of Christ. The Greek for this word Advent is parousia—the term used for Christ's second coming. As we commemorate His first advent, let us always be prepared and looking for His second appearing. God is looking for a people who will confidently expect and long for His coming—for His oath to be fulfilled.

Moving Mountains
December 02, 2012

Many of us would confess to marital, financial or emotional mountains that need to be moved in our lives; but there is an even more important, negative and hindering mountain for many of us. It is an Old Testament mountain of law, rules and list-keeping. There is a new covenant mountain where we are free from sin and made righteous in Christ. Many of us have a foot on each mountain. We haven't fully trusted, or believed, Christ for the victory He won for us. God wants to shake the mountain of human effort from its foundations and remove it from our lives.

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An Expectation of Power and Provision
November 29, 2012

Paul had an expectation that there would be an ongoing supply of the Spirit for the performing of miracles. It's a supply that comes fully from God in response to our faith, not our good works. Miracles here speaks of more than glitzy showy demonstrations of power, but also of a sustaining power in our daily lives. A power that is a testimony to the world around us.

Duration: 58 mins
Restoring Thanksgiving Through Forgiveness
November 25, 2012

Guest speaker and overseer of The Springs Church, Pastor Claude Houde shares about the importance of forgiveness in our own lives, the lives of others and most importantly to God.

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Duration:1 hr 8 mins
Responsibility, Inability and Grace
November 18, 2012

In scripture we can see a pattern of our responsibility as Christians, our inability to fulfill those responsibilities in our own human effort, and Jesus' grace which empowers us to be obedient to that which He calls us. Grace is not something we earn through works, but is an unmerited gift from God—made possible by Christ and the cross.

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Duration: 41 mins
A Generation in Need of a Word
November 11, 2012

God sometimes suspends the comfort of His people to test His promises in their lives. It is through the testing of God's promises that He forms His living word in us. He plants in us a word of authority and mercy that breaks through the hardened hearts of our generation. It can be a painful process, but God has given us a vision of Christ to comfort our hearts through the dark times that He sometimes leads us into.

*Streaming versions of both services, including worship, are available on our Livestream channel

Duration:1 hr 2 mins
Stay in the Fight
November 07, 2012

Post-election prayer and worship

Duration: 58 mins
Grace and Responsibility
November 04, 2012

In a covenant of grace, what is our responsibility? Many of us freely accept the grace of God that brought us to salvation in Jesus, but after that we fall into a pattern of self-salvation. We strive in our own efforts to try and be pleasing to God, or to be some kind of super saint. Rather than walking in the freedom and grace that Christ won for us on the cross, we try to earn God's love through the law and works. The gospel is not just good news for the lost. Even as believers we need to be reminded daily of the freedom that we have in Jesus. Our responsibility is trusting that He will give us the grace to accomplish the unique calling that He has for each of us.

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The One New Man – Part 2
October 28, 2012

Guest speaker David Davis from Carmel Assembly in Haifa, Israel shares with us about God's desire to see His people united in Christ, both Jew + gentile. In America, we hear so much about the bad news in the Middle East, but Pastor David assures the church that God is on the move in the Middle East.

*A streaming version of this service, including worship, is available on our Livestream channel