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At The Springs Church it is our mission to enjoy, share and demonstrate the gospel of Christ's radical grace.


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Lose the Ship, Save the People
SEPTEMBER 16, 2012

God has called each of us to be part of our local church body. There are times that we can be more concerned with the structure and programs of the church than what God has really called us to. Through the example of Paul in Acts 27, we are to be focused on the people and not the ship. The ship is only a means to advance the kingdom of God. His kingdom is laying down our lives and agendas for others. In that act of serving the body you will find a place of belonging.

Passage:Acts 27:1-44
Duration: 47 mins
SEPTEMBER 15, 2012

We often try to cram all of the Acts 2 church into a two-hour window in the middle of the week, and that gets exhausting. Guest speaker Brad House from Mars Hill Church in Seattle shows how we can use the time we already have in the week to live like the New Testament Church. We must consider when we meet, where we meet and what we do at each meeting.

Duration:1 hr 1 min
SEPTEMBER 15, 2012

Guest speaker Brad House from Mars Hill Church in Seattle shares about the unwritten social laws to which we all unconsciously adhere. We all have a range from intimate to public spaces that we operate within each day. Our relationships gradually step through these spaces as we get to know people better, but the awkward thing about house churches is that we are often asking people to jump from the public space of the world to the intimate space of our house. Through hospitality, service and participation in community events we can help ease the move into intimate fellowship.

Duration: 48 mins
Mission and Community
SEPTEMBER 15, 2012

Guest speaker Pastor Brad House from Mars Hill Church in Seattle shares about the importance of reaching our neighborhoods. In our postmodern society, many people will belong to or attend your church before they believe in Jesus and your mission, but there are often practical, cultural and perceived barriers that need to be bridged.

Duration: 35 mins
Redefining Community
SEPTEMBER 15, 2012

Guest speaker Brad House from Mars Hill Church in Seattle continues our Community Conference by "Redefining Community." Sunday morning is where we receive conviction. Community, or house church, is where we confess that conviction and change is lived out. Through that transformation our mission becomes reaching the lost. If we don't have that missional component, our community is broken.

Duration:1 hr 15 mins
Why Community
SEPTEMBER 14, 2012

Guest speaker Brad House from Mars Hill Church in Seattle shares the reason why we have house churches. When asked, many of us will list what we do at house church rather than why we have them in the first place. God exists in Trinitarian community and created us in His image. We are created to be relational, but sin isolates and pushes us apart. We are incomplete without community. Christ's life, death and resurrection reconcile us back to God and to one another. Jesus is why we do community. The end result is making disciples and drawing more people to Him.

Duration:2 hrs 2 mins
I'd Rather Die Than Be a Christian
SEPTEMBER 12, 2012

Satan seeks to destroy and defile anything that reflects the nature of God with his onslaught of lawlessness and immorality. God calls us to purity in order for us to be useful to Him. We can become burdened, even haunted, by this call to purity, since we are unable to live the consecrated life. For all those weary and burdened ones, Christ is the Covenant who sets them free and gives them rest. Though we may fail and make mistakes, we can be assured that He will do the work of consecrating us.

Duration: 50 mins
Wounded in the House of My Friends
SEPTEMBER 09, 2012

Many of us have faced tragic events that have a lasting impact on our lives. When we are wounded or offended by those closest to us it can change our perception and affect our decision-making. Take your cry to the Lord. He hears you and will deliver you. Only God can take your hurt and turn it into salvation, healing and grace. God's glory comes when His people are allowed to come into His house and be touched by Him, no matter their circumstances.

Seventeen Words That Will Change Your Life Forever
SEPTEMBER 02, 2012
Duration: 55 mins
Jesus, Our Great High Priest
AUGUST 26, 2012

"Priest" is not a word you hear very often in the evangelical church, but in Hebrews Jesus is referred to as our great high priest. He is a supernatural high priest who is not limited by the natural world. Jesus is a sympathetic high priest who deals mercifully with our sin. Through His Sonship we are adopted and grafted into the family of God and we become the Father's beloved children. He is a supplicating and suffering high priest who acts as our advocate before God. Christ is our one and only source—of hope, joy and eternal salvation.