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At The Springs Church it is our mission to enjoy, share and demonstrate the gospel of Christ's radical grace.


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How Do We Stop the Bleeding?
September 24, 2014

Pastor Michael Petillo opens up the youth leader breakout sessions at the EXPECT 2014 Church Leadership Conference, then Pastor Patrick Pierre shares about a major issue with young people today—most leave the church after high school. The church is bleeding and we need to stop it! The session concludes with a Q+A.

How Warm Is Your Ministry?
September 24, 2014

Pastor Carter Conlon exhorts pastors and church leaders at the EXPECT 2014 Church Leadership Conference not to settle for a warm ministry. In these last days a casual Christianity will not cut it. People are deeply wounded, fearful and Jesus is their last hope. We must have a burden for the struggles of people, as Jesus did. This burden only comes from prayer. God help us to pray!

Duration:1 hr 16 mins
The Success That Leads to Failure
September 24, 2014

Pastor Jim Cymbala shares at the EXPECT 2014 Church Leadership Conference about Asa. When he became king, he led a spiritual reformation and was an outstanding leader. About 30 years later, he totally turned his back on God—depending on strategy and human effort rather than God.

Free People Free People
September 24, 2014

Pastor Gary Wilkerson encourages pastors and leaders at the EXPECT 2014 Church Leadership Conference to believe God for his promises in the Bible. We can't expect to lead others into the freedom that Jesus offers if we ourselves aren't believing it and living it. Prayerfully examine your heart and life for patterns of sin and brokenness. Then have faith-filled expectation to believe God for the abundant life of freedom he promises in the New Covenant.

Renewed in Expect - Part 1
September 24, 2014

Pastor Claude Houde shares at the EXPECT 2014 Church Leadership Conference about the importance of regularly being renewed in God. There are new threats coming against us and the gospel all the time. There is no vision for the things of God when we are not being encouraged and strengthened in God's presence.

September 21, 2014

The Scripture is full of amazing promises from God, but for a lot of us our everyday reality doesn't quite align with them. Can we really have the freedom, victory, power and abundant life that we read about in the Bible?

*Watch the full church service including worship

Duration: 41 mins
September 21, 2014

Pastor Gary Wilkerson teaches on sanctification. Is it progressive? Is it something we attain (work for with effort)? Is sanctification the transformation and renewing of our mind we read about in Scripture, or is that something else completely?

Watch the full church service including worship

Duration:1 hr 0 mins
Help God! Now What?
September 19, 2014

Pastor Michael Petillo shares with our Young Adult Ministry two keys to determining God's direction for your life.

Duration: 48 mins
Do You Not Know…?
September 14, 2014

Several times in his letter to the Corinthian church, Paul asks, "Do you not know...?" What you know about God and who you are in Christ will greatly affect your life and how you treat others. It goes beyond head knowledge and must be heart revelation. You are a saint with weapons of righteousness in your left and right hands. You are the temple of the Holy Spirit. You are God's beloved child with whom he is well pleased.

*This sermon is from our 11am church service. You can also watch the full service including worship.

Duration:1 hr 11 mins
How to Have Confidence
September 14, 2014

Many of us leave church on Sunday excited, energized and full of faith; but as soon as Monday comes we can get tripped up by life. For a lot of us our walk with Jesus is an emotional roller coaster. Our confidence in God and who were are in Christ are easily shaken. Satan is constantly working to get us to doubt what God says about himself and about us. We are beloved sons and daughters of the Most High King! Walk in freedom and victory with your head held high—as Paul says, commending yourself in every way.

*This sermon is from our 9am church service, you can also watch the full service including worship.

Duration: 55 mins
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