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At The Springs Church it is our mission to enjoy, share and demonstrate the gospel of Christ's radical grace.


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Mufasa Was No Scaredy Cat
August 13, 2014

As believers, we've been given an incredible identity, and the voice of God's Spirit within us, crying out, "Abba! Father!" That voice can be muffled by a multitude of other voices though. People, music, movies, and even our own hearts are some of the "voices" that can reinforce a lie, and leave us feeling condemned, depressed, fearful, and insecure. Rather than letting those other voices prevail, the Holy Spirit's voice can be stirred up through the laying on of hands, and prayer for one another. Then we, the righteous ones in Christ, will rejoice again, and truly be, as Scripture says, "bold as a lion"!

Dispelling Lies and Discovering the God of Love
August 10, 2014

Eve got it exactly right when she said she was deceived and then she sinned. So many for so long have focused on the sin, or the fruit, rather than the root, which is a deception that comes from Satan. We have been misled to believe that God has separated himself from us, is angry and distant. God loves you and desires fellowship with you. He sent his Son to die so that he could spend eternity with you. God is nicer than you think.

* This sermon is from our 11am worship service. You can also watch both church services including worship.

Duration: 55 mins
The Eternal Word
August 03, 2014

In great pain and agony hanging on the cross, Jesus cried out his fifth statement, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Many have interpreted this statement as Jesus receiving the sin of mankind on himself, and therefore God could not look upon his son. However, did God really forsake his son, or was Jesus pointing us to Psalm 22 as being the fulfillment of this psalm? At this time the psalms did not have numbers, so Jesus was quoting the first verse of this particular psalm in order to point out that his death was not a haphazard decision but a fulfillment of the Word of God. The Bible establishes Christ as the supreme sacrifice for sin; he was found without sin, and therefore, the right to become the sacrifice for the sin of the world. Jesus took on the penalty of death for the sins of the world.

*This sermon is from the 11am service. You can also watch either church service in its entirety including worship.

The Thirst of God
July 27, 2014

Jesus, after being brutally beaten and finally nailed to the cross, cries out, "I thirst!" In his state of dehydration the Roman soldier responded by giving him a sponge of vinegar and gall. If all the statements Jesus made on the cross are covenantal, then Jesus must also be pointing us to something deeper. In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled." On the cross Jesus was pointing us to his ardent desire to establish true righteousness once again, and then declare those who believed in him as righteous.

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Born of the Spirit
July 20, 2014

Looking down at his mother, Jesus says, "Woman, behold thy son! Behold thy mother!" Naturally, we know that John took Mary in to his household and took care of her the rest of her life. However, if we are looking at all the statements as covenantal then is there something deeper Jesus wanted to communicate to us. We have to look back at the first promise God made regarding the Messiah. God told Eve that Satan's defeat would come from her seed, referring to Jesus. Mary was the end of a long line of woman that God used to bring forth this seed. Therefore, Mary, at the end of the line of promise, brought forth the Messiah, and from the Messiah would come new birth for all who believed in Jesus. This statement is symbolic of what God does for those who believe: we are born in the spirit.

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Uninterrupted Fellowship with God
July 13, 2014

Once the original sin had been forgiven, there was nothing to stand in the way of man being reconciled back to God. Only the sacrifice of Jesus could accomplish this. As he hung between two thieves on the cross, one reviles him and the other asks that Jesus remember him in paradise. Jesus, then turns to the thief and makes his second statement, "Verily, I say unto thee, Today, thou shalt be with me in paradise." Once the law of God was satisfied by the righteous Christ, the mercy of God could then be given, and we are seated with Christ in heavenly places.

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Passage:Luke 23:43
Duration: 49 mins
Releasing the Power of Forgiveness
July 06, 2014

If a new covenant was to be established it was paramount that a full pardon be made available to mankind. A new beginning can only start with a total clearing up of the past. Jesus was the only one able to adequately deal with the original sin that condemned all of mankind. On the cross, Jesus made his first statement, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." Who was he asking the Father to forgive, the soldiers who crucified him, or those who would come to believe in him from that time forward, or the whole world? Or was there something more that Jesus wanted to communicate to us? In order to make forgiveness available to all he had to forgive the original sin.

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Believing You're Clean Will Totally Change Your Behavior
June 29, 2014

Many of us probably have a room in our house where we keep all our junk—an office, the garage, etc. Since we already see that room as dirty, we let it continue being dirty and even add more junk to it. A lot of us, if we are are honest, think we are dirty. It's easier to believe we are unclean, than it is to believe we are righteous. We aren't partially righteous in Jesus and then we complete it through our own righteousness. We are fully righteous through our faith in Christ's finished work on the cross. When you truly see how clean you are in Christ, you won't so easily add sin to your life. Don't call unclean what Jesus calls clean.

*This sermon is from our 9am worship service. You can watch both church services including worship on our Livestream channel.

Duration: 48 mins
I Love Him…I Think…Maybe
June 25, 2014

Dating and relationships can be very confusing for Christians, especially with the pressure from media and culture to engage in courtship before its proper time. How do we know when we are ready to let down our guard to pursue a godly relationship with the opposite sex? What does the Bible say about a young man and woman being ready to engage emotionally and spiritually in hopes of companionship and marriage? Pastor Michael Petillo looks at three foundational stones necessary for a successful relationship that brings honor and glory to God.

Duration: 41 mins
When Resurrection Is Not Enough
June 22, 2014

There are times in life when difficulties and calamities come. Know that in these times, God is with you. Lay down your pride and cry out to him from your heart. Don't give up—persevere.

*This sermon is from our 11am worship service. You can view both church services including worship on our Livestream channel.

Duration: 52 mins
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