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Catch the Foxes
February 08, 2014

Guest speaker Ted Cunningham concludes our Marriage and Singles Seminar looking at the "little foxes" that, if not tended to, can cause major damage in marriage and relationships.

The Source of Life
February 07, 2014

Guest Ted Cunningham joins us once again for our annual Marriage and Singles Seminar. In this session, he challenges us to make sure we are plugged into the true and only source of life—not our spouse, children, parents, etc.—Jesus Christ.

February 05, 2014

True unity, as defined by Scripture, is not just tolerating one another. It's fighting for others to lay hold of God's promises and to walk in them. When this kind of unity is at work, it acts as a key to unlock something of God's kingdom, bring His life, His joy...and it's on that kind of unity that God commands His blessing.

Duration: 50 mins
One Day Jesus Gave Power
February 02, 2014

Even Jesus, as man, needed to be filled with the Holy Spirit. You might expect to see miracles right away, but instead Jesus was led into the wilderness and tempted by Satan. After that He preached but was despised by the people. One might start to think that the Spirit wasn't with Him, but there is a necessary step of faith required before the power of the Holy Spirit can be released. Finally we see miracles being performed—the sick healed and demons cast out. The power that Jesus had, He gave to His disciples and He gives it to us today. Receive it and step out in faith.

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Passage:Luke 4:1-41
Duration:1 hr 4 mins
Get Saved, Baptized, Healed and Filled with the Holy Spirit
January 26, 2014

Pastor Gary Wilkerson shares a short evangelistic message about Paul's conversion, followed by a demonstration of the Holy Spirit's power through water baptism, prayer for salvation, prayer for healing, and baptism in the Holy Spirit.

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Duration: 46 mins
Benefits of an Exrtaordinarily Clean Heart
January 19, 2014

David was a man after God's heart who was living in a dark and difficult time. Our generation is also one that is growing darker, and God is raising up a people of extraordinary faith. God wants to feed His church with bread from heaven, cleanse our hearts, and equip us for spiritual warfare with the sword of His Spirit.

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Duration: 48 mins
Not in My House
January 12, 2014

Satan has an aggressive agenda against the body of Christ and the family. Many are depressed, our kids are suicidal and cutting themselves, substance abuse is commonplace, etc. It is time that we as Christians, like Jesus, take a stand and declare, "Not in my house!"

Duration:1 hr 1 min
Fasting and Fainting
January 08, 2014

Life's current can lead us to feeling self-sufficient and allowing certain things to become too high a priority in our lives. Seasons of fasting can serve to intentionally weaken and humble us, reminding us of our need for God, and rightly realigning our priorities. In our weakness, we realize the basic truth that if we pray, we will not grow faint.

But God Intended It For Good
January 05, 2014

Some of us have faced difficulties in the past year or the beginning of this one. They can seem to push us to the edge. The enemy wants to keep pushing until we get to the place that it seems hopeless. God has a high place for each of us and the enemy wants to cause us to fall from this place. Jesus will come and interfere with these situations and difficulties in your life. He is doing this for our good to free you from the bondage of the enemy. Jesus will step in to your life and say "Its enough!" The enemy intends evil but God in his breakthrough power intends the best for your life.

Passage:Luke 4:28-36
Duration: 38 mins
When Is My Time?
December 29, 2013

Many of us are waiting for God to call us forth for "such a time as this" as is mentioned in the book of Esther. However, the more important focus should not be when we are called, but what we are to do in the calling.

Duration: 37 mins