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Only Jesus Is Jesus – Godly Friendships Part 2
November 20, 2013

Christian friendships are tricky things sometimes. Our friendships, like everything else in our walk with God, have been given a specific order and structure outlined in the word. Christ first, family second, friends third. When we change or alter that order in any way there are inherit consequences that cause for unhealthy relationships and unhealthy Christians.

Duration: 45 mins
Six Steps to Revival
November 17, 2013

Pastor Jonathan Bissig shares a cautionary message about handling the presence of God. We must not be flippant with God's presence or try to manufacture it through some self-gratifying emotional experience. A true move of God always produces a holy fear, awe, reverence, thanksgiving and a desire to see lost souls saved. If we have mishandled God's presence we must repent and ask for forgiveness, receive consecration and cleansing, then be commissioned by God to share the good news of Jesus with those that do not know Him.

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Duration: 39 mins
Friendship and Murder – Godly Friendships Part 1
November 13, 2013

When we face vicious slander and malicious gossip, we have a choice: to let the pain and anger drive us to retaliation, or drive us to press into God. When we go after God, He transforms us, causing us to love as He loves, and using us to rekindle a desire for God in the very ones who hurt us. What we thought would destroy us, God uses to build us up for good, and for His glory!

Duration: 50 mins
How to Do What You Cannot Do
November 10, 2013

We all have things for which we hope. Some of those things we can accomplish ourselves, but others require a miraculous move of God. We can hope for things, but that does not mean they are a promise from God. Jesus will initiate and perfect our faith for the things He has promised. Do not be weighed down, slowed down or tripped up. Keep your eyes on Jesus, our champion. He is faithful to fulfill His promises in your life.

Duration: 53 mins
Compromised Christians Under Conviction
November 03, 2013

In King Herod, we see a man who was convicted by John the Baptist's preaching and enjoyed it. Yet Herod was a compromised man—swayed by the pleasures of this world and peer pressure. When we are given to compromise we give away a portion of our freedom in Christ, our faith, our peace, etc. We are living in a generation when God is calling men and women to stand uncompromising and preach the gospel unashamedly. Step out in faith and believe God will provide the escape from compromise—no matter how great or small it may seem.

Duration: 55 mins
8th Day Revival
October 27, 2013

Jesus made no random statements while ministering when he was alive. Everything was in accordance both to the will of His Father and the fulfillment of scripture. In this message, you will see His loud proclamation, "if any man thirst let him come unto me and drink," is a phenomenal promise from the Old Testament being fulfilled. He has come to revive the weary!

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Duration: 47 mins
Help, I Failed the Test
October 23, 2013

Sometimes God lets us fail a test. It not only reveals our fears, but the pain and the crisis help cultivate our heart and make us ready to receive a word from God. We can then apply the cross to those areas, putting them to death so that they won't be obstacles to the life of Christ in us.

Duration: 43 mins
Jesus Can Still Do This
October 20, 2013

In Mark 5, we see vignettes of three types of faith. “You Can” faith believes in the possibility that God can do something. “I Will” faith is a declarative faith that goes beyond believing something can happen to believing that it will happen. And the third type of faith is “Jesus Still Can.” This is faith that believes even though the situation looks hopeless, Jesus can still do a miracle—bringing life where there is death and hope were there is none.

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Duration: 57 mins
Bones Holding Bibles
October 13, 2013

The very many and very dry bones in Ezekiel can be seen as the many lost souls that need salvation; but they can also be seen as the many dry Christians we have in the church today. Are there lost people in your life who need salvation? Pray and prophesy that life would come into their dry bones. Have you grown cold in your walk with the Lord? Pray and prophesy, asking God to, once again, breathe his Spirit upon you.

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Duration: 57 mins
Opening the Last Gate
October 06, 2013

In Acts 12, we see Peter imprisoned, chained and surrounded by guards. Through the church's earnest prayer, God began to deliver him. Chains fell to the ground, doors and gates swung open, but Peter was required to step through. When God's part was done, the angel departed, but Peter encountered another gate—one that did not supernaturally swing open. There is a part that God plays in bringing freedom to the captives, but He also invites and asks us to open the last gate by faith.

*Both services can viewed in their entirety on our Livestream channel

Passage:Acts 12:3-17
Duration: 54 mins