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At The Springs Church it is our mission to enjoy, share and demonstrate the gospel of Christ's radical grace.


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Why I Pray
September 26, 2012

Why should we pray? Prayer causes worlds to intersect. It opens doors, leads you to people you might not otherwise meet and takes you places you have no business going. We should pray every chance we get, even if it's just a small interval time. Prayer reboots our system and makes us sensitive to what God is saying.

Passage:Acts 10
Duration: 52 mins
What Does God Expect from Us?
September 26, 2012

God expects us to show His justice and mercy to the suffering. Once we recognize, receive and respond to God's call to demonstrate mercy, it becomes part of who we are. We reflect God's love to our world.

Understanding Opposition
September 25, 2012

Like Paul, many are facing opposition on all sides. They feel their ministry is amounting to nothing; and they are on the verge of quitting. Don't be discouraged! Joseph, Moses, Jesus and many others have had to face opposition. Sometimes God has to take us through a trial to accomplish His purposes in our life. God will bring you through. Christ has all the strength you need. Your life is of great value in the Kingdom of God. Learn to trust Him through your trial and you will come out the other side with a testimony of God's faithfulness.

Duration:1 hr 8 mins
The Measure of a Godly Church
September 25, 2012

Many of us measure the success of our church based on things like attendance, budgets or building size. We get focused on the wrong measure—an ungodly measure. Our congregations become consumers and we are vendors trying to tailor our church to match their tastes and whims. We start to compete against the church down the street by having cooler music and ear-tickling messages. God's measure of a successful church is one that is reaching the lost and making disciples.

This We Will Do
September 23, 2012

The writer of Hebrews has a lot to say, but is having a hard time explaining it. Why? It's not a language barrier or an issue of complexity. It's because we become dull of hearing. We become like children—dependent and self-centered. The only spiritual growth we get is from Sunday service, and we go to get something out of it for ourselves, rather than seeing it as an opportunity to minister to others and to the Lord. Sunday morning is not the "big show." It's only a small part of how we live out our faith. At the core of all we do, should be making radical mission-minded disciples. 

Walk, Don't Run
September 19, 2012

When we give our lives to Christ, we taste true freedom from sin. However, with the flood of evil around us, we are soon confronted with sin again. It appears as an iron gate blocking our way. Sin is deceptive, with its lies of, "You are under my dominion. I am your master!" Because of this, it's vital that we walk day-by-day rewiring our minds by the word of God. Through the truth of His word, the Spirit of God reveals that "iron gate" for what it really is—an illusion—and as for us, we are free indeed!

Duration: 42 mins
Lose the Ship, Save the People
September 16, 2012

God has called each of us to be part of our local church body. There are times that we can be more concerned with the structure and programs of the church than what God has really called us to. Through the example of Paul in Acts 27, we are to be focused on the people and not the ship. The ship is only a means to advance the kingdom of God. His kingdom is laying down our lives and agendas for others. In that act of serving the body you will find a place of belonging.

Passage:Acts 27:1-44
Duration: 47 mins
September 15, 2012

We often try to cram all of the Acts 2 church into a two-hour window in the middle of the week, and that gets exhausting. Guest speaker Brad House from Mars Hill Church in Seattle shows how we can use the time we already have in the week to live like the New Testament Church. We must consider when we meet, where we meet and what we do at each meeting.

Duration:1 hr 1 min
September 15, 2012

Guest speaker Brad House from Mars Hill Church in Seattle shares about the unwritten social laws to which we all unconsciously adhere. We all have a range from intimate to public spaces that we operate within each day. Our relationships gradually step through these spaces as we get to know people better, but the awkward thing about house churches is that we are often asking people to jump from the public space of the world to the intimate space of our house. Through hospitality, service and participation in community events we can help ease the move into intimate fellowship.

Duration: 48 mins
Mission and Community
September 15, 2012

Guest speaker Pastor Brad House from Mars Hill Church in Seattle shares about the importance of reaching our neighborhoods. In our postmodern society, many people will belong to or attend your church before they believe in Jesus and your mission, but there are often practical, cultural and perceived barriers that need to be bridged.

Duration: 35 mins