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At The Springs Church it is our mission to enjoy, share and demonstrate the gospel of Christ's radical grace.


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Knowing God Through Unanswered Prayer
August 15, 2012

There are times our prayers seem to go unanswered, yet the vision and purposes of God are different than ours.  Jesus came to give abundant life, which comes through knowing Him intimately.  Sometimes this means allowing us to experience brokenness, so we can grasp the brokenness of others, and be filled with the compassion of God for people.  There is something so precious about knowing and being moved by the groanings of God's heart.  This intimate knowledge of God leads to that "life more abundantly"!

Disciple Me – Becoming a Minion
August 12, 2012

Our C4 Kids took over the main service. Children's Pastor Jonathan Bissig kicks off their new series, Disciple Me, telling us how to become better followers of Jesus Christ.

Passage:Luke 9:23
Now That the Victory Is Won?
August 05, 2012

Christ won the victory for us on the cross—now what? Does that mean that we will not have problems or have to face difficulties? Not at all. You can count on your enemies gathering against you, but stand firm in your faith. Your victory is not your own, but comes from a Deliverer. God is not asking you to be a hero, He is your hero. The giant—Satan, sin and death—was defeated by Christ. Trust in the strength and delivering power of Jesus.

The Table of the Lord
August 01, 2012

In the presence of our enemies, and throughout difficult times, God prepares a "table" for believers, which is Christ indwelling us.  Just as a table is set with fine foods to feast on, we are encouraged to "feast" on His promises, such as forgiveness, "no condemnation", and the powers of hell being demolished.

Duration: 38 mins
Have You Been Set Free?
July 29, 2012

Have you been set free? Are you living day to day like you are free in Christ? Or are you racked with guilt, shame and condemnation? When you accepted Christ as your Savior you were set free. You became a new creation. And Jesus implanted His righteous in you. It isn't something you're working toward or something that comes and goes based on how righteous you're feeling. Beloved, it's time to walk in the freedom and victory that Jesus won for you on the cross.

Duration:1 hr 1 min
It's Time to Believe (with Nicky Cruz)
July 22, 2012

Jesus told the disciples that it is for our advantage that He went away. In His place He sent His Holy Spirit to be our helper. The Holy Spirit's role is to convict the world of their sin and impending judgment from God, but for believers He convinces us of the righteousness that we have in Christ. It's time to believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ still has the power to change and transform lives!

Passage:John 16:7-12
Duration: 58 mins
Stepping into the River of Obedience
July 18, 2012

There is an overwhelming outpouring of "the spirit of this age" through media and technology. So much so, that sin is becoming rampant everywhere. Jesus said this would lead to the love of many growing cold. As we live in this culture we need to remember that God is not only love but also holy, and He will challenge waywardness in our lives. As God challenges us to obey it may seem too hard, but as we are honest about sin, and we set our hearts to follow and obey Him, God meets us with His grace and miraculous power. With God the impossible becomes possible!

Duration: 37 mins
Idolatry Repellant
July 11, 2012

We were created in the image of the Source of Life to be full of life, as we commune with Him. But we are warned against the dangerous sin of idolatry, which God hates. Idolatry is an obstructing and binding lie that something other than Jesus can give us life. Yet through repentance and a fresh revelation of Christ, we can be free of idols, and we can constantly live in that revelation through obedience and relationship with Him!

Duration: 52 mins
Returning to First Love
July 08, 2012

Like the church in Revelation, some of us have left our first love. We have grown distant from God. It doesn't happen overnight, but occurs gradually, like a slow leak. Familiarity and convenience cause us to drift away from Jesus and toward religion. When we realize our hearts have grown cold we try to get back to our first love by reading, praying and fasting more; but our efforts are in vain. God wants to bring a fire back to our hearts, and it starts with us acknowledging who God is—that He is good and His mercy endures forever.

Sanctifying Grace
July 01, 2012
Duration: 53 mins