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At The Springs Church it is our mission to enjoy, share and demonstrate the gospel of Christ's radical grace.


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The Lame Take the Prey – Part 3
January 23, 2013

Becoming a follower of Jesus means dying to our own ability. We trust Him to be the Master Builder, who builds his life and Kingdom in us to the point of completion. He is the One who battles against the enemy in our lives and subdues sin. Having counted the cost, He didn't start the battle just to lose—He's the Victor! Without Jesus, we are as useless as salt without flavor. When we have faith in Him alone, we are traveling lightly, and can fit on that narrow road to life!

Duration: 40 mins
From Sorrow to Success
January 20, 2013

Pastor Gary Wilkerson continues our "Faith for the Greatest Days of Your Life" series looking at the life of Esther. In her story we see a journey from sorrow to success. True godly success can only come through God Himself. He brings about a turn around in identity, family and purity.

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Grace Driven Intercession
January 16, 2013

Modern church culture can sometimes treat intercession as a special calling or some kind of elite form for prayer, but in the New Testament we see no evidence that it is a special gifting. Jesus was the once and for all intercessor. He stepped into the gap between us and God and did what we cannot do. It is only through Him that we now have authority and direct access to God.

Duration:1 hr 42 mins
Out of the Pit
January 13, 2013

In the second part of our series Faith for the Greatest Days of Your Life, Pastor Gary Wilkerson looks at the life of Joseph. Most of us have been in a pit of some kind in our life; and if not we're probably heading toward one. Pastor Gary shows us four types of pits—one of which, we may not want to avoid.

*Streaming versions of this service, including worship, are available on our Livestream channel

Duration:1 hr 1 min
The Lame Take the Prey – Part 2
January 09, 2013

In the Parable of the Talents, we see a shifted value system. Those who have great awareness of their own weakness, lack, and need are given greater revelation of the Treasure that lives within them—Jesus; whereas those who focus and rely on their own ability lack the revelation of Christ and His power. Our impact for the Kingdom of God is directly related to how well we know Jesus and rely on Him!

Duration:1 hr 2 mins
Conviction Driven Intercession
January 09, 2013

It is through conviction that God shows us that things are not as they should be. Often He will test our conviction through crisis. In the midst of crisis God calls us to put our convictions to work through intercession. Conviction gives us God-ordained, focused and intentional prayers. Remain steadfast in your conviction—keep pressing in until you see the breakthrough.

*A streaming version of this service, including worship, is available on our Livestream channel

Duration:1 hr 5 mins
Coming Out of Nowhere
January 06, 2013

In the first part of this four-week series, Pastor Gary Wilkerson looks at the life of Abraham. Terah, Abram's father, took his destiny into his own hands and ends up settling in a place short of his goal. Such is the case when we strive to realize selfish ambitions in our own strength. Abraham on the other hand, hears a word from God and receives the grace to see the promises fulfilled. Release your life into God's hands and He is faithful to fulfill His promises—greater than we could ever hope or imagine.

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The Lame Take the Prey – Part 1
January 02, 2013

Sometimes God allows seasons of oppression, temptation, accusations and lies in order to break pride and self-sufficiency. As we are weakened, God can then work. As Gideon, when we understand that we are weak and lacking, God sees that and calls it "might" or "strength", because then His revelation, grace, and power can work through us. In our weakness, He turns toward us to do good to us, not to condemn, and He wants us to turn to Him, rather than run from Him.

Duration: 55 mins
Jesus' Church
December 30, 2012

Using John's revelation of Jesus, Pastor Gary Wilkerson shows us what Christ expects of His church. The first is to persevere no matter the circumstances that come our way. Secondly, we are to love His church as He does—like a groom loves and cherishes his bride. Finally, we are to serve His church. These things will come about through repentance, being present and participating in church, and being ready with anticipation and expectation for the great work that God wants to do through His church.

*Streaming versions of both services, including worship, are available on our Livestream channel

Jesus' Family
December 23, 2012

Family isn't something God created for our benefit. He always was, is and will be part of a family. It is a reflection of who He is. God's family doesn't show partiality, isn't judgmental or hurtful, but is accepting and forgiving. Jesus is our big brother; and through His redeeming, cleansing blood we are all adopted and grafted into the family of God.

*Streaming versions of both services, including worship, are available on our Livestream channel

Duration: 54 mins